Driving cultural change

“AML Group has been engaging Gulnar for our senior leaders globally since 2011 and she is also engaged as our executive coach working closely with our management team to define and develop leadership attributes to cope with our rapid business growth, to identify and strengthen the organization dynamic, as well as to drive cultural change. Through Gulnar we can empower breakthrough growth in people by using a strategic, integrative and holistic approach.”

Vivien Chan, Associate Director, General Manager HR & GA at Asia Minerals Limited

Overcoming multi-cultural obstacles

"Gulnar’s workshop gave me valuable insights on the unwritten rules around leadership, talent and progression. How do we adjust our perception so that we can recognize our employees more for their character, values & beliefs rather than simply on their behavior because behavior is just 10% of the surface. The workshop was very interactive with discussions and sharing of obstacles in multi-cultural teams and how to overcome them."

Joash Lee, Business Development Manager, Marsh

Improving growth

“I found the program very useful to improve for growth followed, especially the learning to self-govern myself and about culture in the workplace. Gulnar’s understanding and ability to bridge cultural differences was insightful.”

Regional Vice President, Li & Fung, Hong Kong

Many 'A-Ha' moments

It was fascinating to hear the range of perspectives and ‘A-Ha’ moments that appeared during the course of the workshop. The work Gulnar does to artfully bridge diverse teams to connect and understand each other to achieve better business outcomes, breakdown harmful and limiting mindsets, strengthen team cohesion and generate greater satisfaction is important work and we’re very lucky to have her in the community.”

Lisa Moore, Sr Research & Advocacy Manager, The Women's Foundation Limited